April 2018 Measure Z Quarterly Report

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April 3, 2018
The fulltime EMT hired by Southern Trinity Area Rescue for weekend relief through the use of Measure Z funds has been covering 40 hours a week since the first week of October 2017. While still expecting low volunteer staffing numbers, do to this position we have been able to continue to staff the ambulance fulltime and provide emergency medical care to the communities in eastern Humboldt and southern Trinity counties.

A long term goal for STAR is to have two fulltime EMTs to staff the ambulance on weekends to remain fully operational. Through Measure Z funds STAR was able to hire a second temporary fulltime EMT who started the 1st of May 2018 and will work until the end of June, with the hope of making the position permanent for the next 2018-19 year.

An added positive effect of hiring our weekend EMTs, funded by Measure Z, is the wonderful initiative they have taken to improve and maintain STAR equipment. Previously we had very little staff to maintain equipment, weekly inventories, and inspections. Although these tasks were done in the past, it was an extra burden to the already overworked volunteers. Our new paid EMT not only have taken on these tasks but are going above and beyond to improve STAR operations. The volunteers and the local community are excited about the new energy that had been brought into STAR by these staffing improvements.