October 2017 Measure Z Quarterly Report

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Using the funds granted through Measure Z to Southern Trinity Area Rescue (STAR), we were able to advertise, recruit, and hire a full time EMT to provide relief for our shortage of volunteer staff on the weekends. Now, with this full time staffed position we will be able to continue to provide 24 hour 911 ambulance services to the eastern Humboldt/ southern Trinity area that STAR covers, as well as give some much needed relief to our small group of volunteers that staff the ambulance.

When applying for measure Z funding this past spring our volunteer ambulance staff was at a critical low point and we were looking at being unable to keep a year round ambulance service operational in our area. Having this paid staff position, funded by Measure Z, has insured continued ambulance coverage for our communities were the nearest hospital is 1 to 3 hour away.

An added positive effect of putting these funds to use was the boost in moral it gave our current volunteer base. The staffing relief, as well as being recognized as a critical organization in our counties health and safety system has made our volunteers feel what they do is important and appreciated.

For More information on Measure Z, visit the Humboldt County Website here.