Welcome to the Board!

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We are overjoyed to welcome Ken Richardson, Cheryl Anderson, and Barb Taylor to our Board! These new members will bring their vital knowledge and expertise to the board so that we, as a company, can continue the goal to expand and improve upon the services we offer to you, our community. As such we’d also like to thank our current and past board members for the time and effort put forth making this all happen. Our board is currently comprised of twelve members: nine represent our Trinity County community and three come from our Humboldt County community. Our current board members are: Don Soucy Chair, Sandy Bechtold Vice Chair, Sandy Rasche Secretary, Susan Gordon Treasurer, Rik Jeans, David Lyons, Diana Stewart, Ken Richardson, Peter Brandauer, Claudette Bushman, Cheryl Anderson, and Barbara Taylor. We are always hoping to include those in our service area who have a passion for this process. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the board, applications will always be welcomed from those who live in our serviced communities.